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Front Genuins

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Professional front dressage protectors provide safety during training and prevent damage from impacts. They facilitate positioning on the leg and promote unrestricted movement.

Gatusos® professional line protectors are made of BAMBOO, MEMORY FOAM and TPU SHELL, a perfect combination for your horse.

BAMBOO, sweat absorbing, antibacterial, anti-odor, thermo-regulating, hypoallergenic, lightweight. Soft to the touch.

MEMORY FOAM, fully adapts to the horse's leg and recovers its shape thanks to the viscoelastic memory.

260 grs. unidad
-Impact absorbing
-Very durable
LockFast fastening, a system that ensures a quick, comfortable and reliable fit. Two 5 cm elastic straps and quick-release closure at the tip.

100% made in Spain

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Care and maintenance

-Lavar con un poco de agua.
-Dry with a chamois or in a ventilated place at room temperature.

-Do not dry in direct sunlight or other heat sources.
-Do not store in hot areas
-Do not use alcohol or derivatives.