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About Gatusos

Gatusos was born with the passion and ambition to bring the most innovative and revolutionary products to the equestrian world.

Gatusos was born as a brand specialized in professional products for horses, meanly for riders & equestrian world lovers. We have more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of sanitary footwear certified at international level, therefore we have introduced the same sanitary materials contributing their benefits to the horse protection.  

We are pioneers in the manufacture of products in EVA GUMFLYmaterial and our main objective is to offer high performance products, manufactured with ultralight and innovative properties.


GATUSOS is formed by qualified professional designers and technicians who have transformed their passion into the desire to create and contribute to the equestrian community, innovative and avantgarde products.

All work team members are united by a common work system, investigating each step of the production process to correct possible failures and provide continuous advances in the design & manufacturing, achieving the greatest benefits in all its phases.


All products are designed and manufactured in Spain. Distributed all over the world. Our facilities are located in the heart of the province of Alicante, Villena.

A city with great love and passion for the equestrian world.