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We are committed to research as a company philosophy. We follow a continuous research process to achieve the best advances. The direct contact with riders, stewards & individual experts, helps us to know closely the needs of the horse in each gallop. In addition, we use ultralight and resistant materials for our products. 


Once we receive feedback from professionals, our designers begin to develop products with an exclusive design, using the most advanced technology. Then, 3D prototypes are made to confirm all the features of the product and its materials. After a long phase of tests and trials, the manufacturing of each final product begins, elaborating and creating meticulously step by step. 


Our main objective is to offer state of the art products that are beneficial for horses. We strongly believe in creating high quality products with never-before-seen performance. 

All our protections are designed in a single piece, made of EVA GUMFLY material (Ethylene, Vinyl, Acetate), being antibacterial, ultra-light and anatomical. Distributed by companies specialized in the equestrian sector.